If we don't react on violence we are quietly supporting violent behavior and excepting the fact that tomorrow we can potentially become its victims.  
Important part of VFR is education trough which young people can find out about how to fight against the hate speech on Internet and how to promote tolerance, human rights and diversity.



Genderality training seminar


After six days of training seminar dealing with gender discrimination online and how we should overcome it we succeeded- our Internet campaign got its frame, messages, directions and it will be fantastic. Young people from many European countries gathered with Libero to deal with this topic knowing how important it is and also being prepared to express their creativity in the best possible way. During the training seminar we met with leading organizations working with woman in Serbia, we exchanged ideas and views and now we are prepared for the campaign that is on its way. Stay tuned for it:)

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Project "Virtual Feels Real" is realized by NGO Libero, financed by Ministry of Youth and Sports of Serbia.