If we don't react on violence we are quietly supporting violent behavior and excepting the fact that tomorrow we can potentially become its victims.  
Important part of VFR is education trough which young people can find out about how to fight against the hate speech on Internet and how to promote tolerance, human rights and diversity.



High school


necu_diskriminaciju “I don’t want discrimination”

Virtual Feels Real 2014 is implemented in Novi Pazar. Young people from secondary schools in this city are informed about […]

10850293_10152826780268991_1542431500178667741_n VFR 2014, Final Conference

“Virtual Feels Real” for this year ended on 10th of December in Novi Pazar. During the Final Conference for participants […]

IMG_20141024_102731 VFR, Novi Pazar, module three

Third module in a row was about the manifestations of hate speech online. With participants we analyzed the cases of […]

IMG_20141024_122248 VFR, Novi Pazar, module two

Within the project Virtual Feels Real Libero continued with implementation of educational modules. Second module was about the prejudices and […]

1017758_10204188839475489_156345423936263530_n VFR, Novi Pazar, module one

Peer educators from Novi Pazar performed their workshops to their peers in five schools from this town. The topic of […]

slika trening VFR 2014. in Novi Pazar

Virtual Feels Real in 2014 is focused on promoting values which presence online usually means that hate speech and other […]

vfr final activity for 2013. VFR, final activity for 2013.

The final activity for Virtual Feels Real project was held in presence of Antje Rothemund, Council of Europe, Head of […]

admin-ajax (6) VFR Closing Conference for 2013.

The Closing Conference of Virtual Feels Real for 2013 was held since 8th until 10th November in Zlatibor. Participants were […]

sremskam11 117 workshops, 2363 participants

VFR workshops were held in Kragujevac, Pančevo, Bor, Sremska Mitrovica, Novi Sad, Loznica, Beograd, Kikinda, Niš, Boljevac, Prokuplje, Leskovac, Vranje […]

bor, vfr, 2013. Fighting against hate speech on Internet

Virtual Feels Real is working hard also  in October. You can meet our peer educators in high schools, Youth Offices […]

kragujevac_vps_2013 …more VFR workshops

On Monday, 23rd of September there will be one more workshop for high school students in Novi Sad at Trafic […]

leskovac 2013. VFR workshops started in Serbia

Virtual Feels Real started in several cities in Serbia. Peer educators till now meet more then 200 high school students […]

Virtual feels real soon in Kragujevac

Virtual feels real is finally coming to Kragujevac on September, 10th 2013. There will be several workshops in high schools […]

prokuplje_ VFR_ 2013 The start for workshops within the project „Virtual feels real“- first one held in Prokuplje

First workshop within the project „Virtual feels real“ was held yesterday in Prokuplje in „Zoran Djindjic Hall“. Participants were high […]

1025722_379390182183934_1852217266_o Peer educator training for high school students

Subotica, from 4th to 7th of July: “Virtual feels real” continues with its activities. During four inspiring days for 40 […]

VFR from A-Z Virtual feels real from A to Z

Do you want to learn more about the campaign? Read more about Virtual feels real in the booklet A-Z!  :) […]

VFR in Zrenjanin “Virtual feels real” in Zrenjanin

Peer educators Teodora and Vladimir held the workshop in Zrenjanin. That was the latest workshop in this year, so the […]

The first round of the campaign “Virtual feels real” is over

“Virtual feels real” is project conducted by NGO Libero and financed by European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe and […]

smart bird Regional meeting for presenting the results of “Virtual feels real”

Libero held regional meeting for presenting the previous results of project “Virtual feels real“ in Belgrade. Future partners from Bosnia and […]

VFR in Sombor “Virtual feels real” in Sombor

Peer educators Ena Horvath and Edit Veres from Sombor conducted four workshops about internet violence “Facebook, our identity card in […]

VFR in Blace “Virtual feels real” in Blace

One more “Virtual feels real” workshop was held today! Peer educators Maja i Sreten held the workshop in Blace High […]

VFR in Zajecar „Escape a Fake“ in Zajecar

On Monday, 19.11.2012 two-hour workshop „Escape a Fake“ was held in the city government Zajecar. Workshop was held as part […]

birds Workshop in Blace today

“Virtual feels real” workshop in Blace will start today at 11:15 A.M. Peer educators Maja i Sreten will held the […]

birds Workshop Virtual feels real in Zajecar

On Monday, 19.11.2012 at 16:00h workshop will start in the small conference hall of the city government Zajecar. Workshop will […]

VFR in Novi Pazar Workshop in Novi Pazar today

Workshop in Novi Pazar conducted by peer educators Merima Delimedjac and Kemal Prenca will start today at 12 a.m. Workshop […]

state secretary nenad borovčanin visits VFR workshop State Secretary Nenad Borovcanin attended at workshop in Uzice tonight

State Secretary of Ministry of Youth and Sports Nenad Borovcanin attended the workshop “Virtual feels real” in Uzice on 9.11.2012, […]

safe zone State Secretary Nenad Borovcanin is attending tonight’s workshop in Uzice

State Secretary of Ministry of Youth and Sports Nenad Borovcanin announced his attendance at the tonight’s workshop “Virtual feels real” […]

Workshops in high schools are starting!

Workshops are the second part of the project “Virtual feels real” and will be conducted by representatives of Youth Office […]

Virtual feels real workshops in Sombor

Representatives of Youth Office from Sombor, Ena Horvat and Edit Veres, who have attended and successfully completed the training for […]

Peer educators training “Virtual feels real”

Twelve young people, representatives of local Youth Offices from Sombor, Zrenjanin, Zajecar, Novi Pazar, Blace and Uzice, had successfully completed the training […]

Virtual feels real

In case you haven’t already heard, Libero has started a hot new online campaign “Virtual Feels Real”, that aims to […]

Peer educators training “Virtual feels real” started in Subotica

Young people from 6 towns around Serbia gathered in Subotica for a Training of peer educators “Virtual feels real”. This […]

our teams

team from Lapovo Team Lapovo

Hello, we are Djordje and Anika from Lapovo. Join us in campaign against hate speech on Internet. We are spreading tolerance from real to virtual world!

team from Nis Team Nis

Team from Nis is against any kind of discrimination of minority groups as well in virtual and real world. We say NO to hate speech, NO to silent, passive majority, NO to inequality.

YES for minority’s rights, YES  for tolerance.

team from Pancevo Team Belgrade

Jelena and Jovana joined together to fight against hate speech and discrimination on Internet. They believe that a couple of determined people can bring changes. They would like to share their enthusiasm with anyone willing to learn something new and improve themselves.

team from Novi Sad Team Novi Sad

We are ready to share our knowledge, always in a good mood, interesting and organized. Determined to change the world. Youth and experience= team that wins.

team from Kragujevac Team Kragujevac

Become a part of our international campaign, join us on the workshop in our town. Stop the hate speech on Internet because together we can do anything. See U.

VFR in Zrenjanin Team Vranje

Jelena and Aleksandar would like to say to you- don’t give false information about yourself on Internet because virtual becomes real.


team from Loznica Team Loznica

My name is Tomislav Lukic. I’m graphic engineer and designer and a photographer. I’m also volunteering in Youth Office in Loznica. I joined this campaign to influence on changes considering hate speech, discrimination and violence on Internet in my own community.

team from Bor Team Bor

We are team from Bor. We rock. On Internet please don’t be fake, that is the difference we want to make.

Vladimir Stojičević i Srećko Zdravković


team from Pancevo Team Pancevo

Virtual Feels Real also in our town. Join us,give us your support and, in that way, learn something useful for yourself. See you.


team from Kikinda Team Kikinda
tteam from Sremska Mitrovica Team Sremska Mitrovica

If you are not bulling people in real life stop doing it on Internet.
Team from Sremska Mitrovica vs Hate speech is calling you to be a part of International campaign and participate in workshops in our city. Believe in a power of individuals because “if you want to change the world you should change yourself for a start”.


team from Leskovac Team Leskovac
team from Boljevac Team Boljevac
team from Prokuplje Team Prokuplje
Project "Virtual Feels Real" is realized by NGO Libero, financed by Ministry of Youth and Sports of Serbia.