Video killed a radio star!


Video killed a radio star!
Created by Participants of The New Age Conflict Transfrmation training
Time Required 180 minutes
Space and Group Requirements

Big room
Number of participants: 4-40


– learn how to make podcasts and use this form of media for promoting the idea of intercultural dialogue
– To raise the awareness about diversity, equality and understanding
– To increase the outreach and visibility of the project idea

Method Description

Participants are split into smaller groups of up to 4 people with the task to make short 10 minutes podcasts on the topic of intercultural dialogue and understanding. They would need to develop a script for the podcast, learn the techniques and develop a real show with the real content. These podcasts can serve as a real and useful educational and outreach tool. Each group will get slightly different task, in order to cover various content, e.g. group one talks about the definitions of culture, group two on the communication, group three on peace building, etc. Groups are encouraged to make creative scripts and find adequate resources and data about the topic that they will be covering.

Materials and Training aids required

Smartphones, laptops, video beam

Additional Comments

*Method is based on a responses to conflict.