Paint it pink


Paint it pink
Created by Participants of The New Age Conflict Transfrmation training
Time Required 90 minutes
Space and Group Requirements

Big room
Number of participants: 4-40


1. Stimulating creativity and innovative approaches in expression
2. Raising awareness about the underlying values behind images and metaphors
3. Transforming negative/neutral images into positive messages

Method Description

Participants are split into smaller groups of 4 and each group is asked to find five negative/offensive memes on the internet and transform them into positive memes/posters with affirmative and peaceful meaning, using some of the meme generating applications. Each group will have some 45 minutes for this part of the task. Groups present their work in the plenary, with comments and questions from the whole group. This exercise can open the discussion and the debate on the hate speech and hate images that are wrapped up as humorous content and how dangerous it can be. The group can also vote for 5 or 10 best posters that can be uploaded online.

Materials and Training aids required

PCs/Laptops/smartphones with meme applications,
Video beam

Additional Comments

Variations to this exercise could be that each group gets a specific task: negative memes on the topic of certain ethnic conflict, or gender, race, etc.

*Method is based on a responses to conflict.