Paint it black


Paint it black
Created by Participants of The New Age Conflict Transfrmation training
Time Required 90 minutes
Space and Group Requirements

Big room,
Number of participants: 4-40


• Stimulating creativity and innovative approaches in expression
• Raising awareness about the underlying values behind images and metaphors
• Transforming negative images into warning messages about the con-sequences of violent behaviour and hate speech

Method Description

A full variation from the Paint it pink exercise consists in creating warning messages/memes based on existing offensive and discriminative memes found on the web. Participants are split into smaller groups of 4 people with the task to find 5 offensive posters/memes and create positive, affirmative and humorous warning signs about the consequences of discriminative and hateful speech and behaviour. There are many examples on the funny warning signs on the internet that participants can find and use for this exercise. After all the groups have prepared their posters, presentations are made in the plenary with the possibility for the whole group to comment and discuss. Some of the best posters can be posted online.

Materials and Training aids required

PCs/Laptops/smartphones with meme applications
Video beam

Additional Comments

Possible outcome of this exercise could be and extensive funny “To DO or NOT To DO” list of things to say and do on the internet in relation to intercultural dialogue and understanding.

*Method is based on a responses to conflict.