Online Transformers


Online Transformers
Created by Participants of The New Age Conflict Transfrmation training
Time Required Campaign (4 months)
Space and Group Requirements

Volunteers that will participate in the video making.
Volunteers that will create content and maintain the page.


Giving social media users of the Balkan region the insight in the consequences of the conflict, how it reflects on people and their emotions and potential benefits of breaking the cycle of the conflict.

Method Description

Intro to the campaign:
1. Project starts with gathering the team of volunteers for creation of the video that will show the personal side of the conflict and how it creates a vicious cycle of conflicts.
2. Main message of the video is to break the cycle of conflict in the video and show the benefits of solved conflict, as well as trigger an emotional response from the users.
3. Video would be boosted on the social media for a period of two weeks.

Body of the campaign:
4. To start the campaign the participants/volunteers share their own personal stories on conflict in which they post a photo, with a description and a unique hashtag that will be used throughout the campaign (based on Humans of NY model).
(*suggestion: the hashtag can be #THECONFLICTIS, #CONFLICTSOFBALKAN)
5. This is done to create a base of stories for other users that will join the campaign and contribute later on.
6. Initial posts made by the participants in the campaign will also be boosted.
7. Users and future participants of the campaign will be invited through the initial posts of our volunteers to submit their own stories that would be published.

• All the content can be posted and boosted on all the social media. The ac-tual videos can be real videos, with real people and cases included in the content, or they can use the graphic facilitation technique, which is also an online way of teaching about conflict transformation.
• As previously in-session discussed, it is important to prevent the root of the conflicts, so, in order to achieve that we thought of creating a YouTube channel with child-friendly content. On the channel there will be posted cartoons that will present conflict situations that the children usually face with, their cycle, solution and all the opportunities that they have to learn from the conflicts, but, most importantly it will prevent the conflicts. We want to teach them not to initiate
conflicts, to show mutual understanding and respect, have better ethics and moral.
• Using the hashtag, all the users can even address an online conflict (or picture of offline conflict situation/on the street) that they have met with in the cyber space.
Just screenshot it, give your thoughts on it, hashtag it, post it. You will contribute to the potentially better environment.
• If people have privacy issues, they can take non-portrait picture, or use Animoji and ARmoji.

Materials and Training aids required

• Funds for sponsoring the posts.
• Camera.
• Internet connection.

Additional Comments

• *Method is based on a responses to conflict.