Living Library Online


Living Library Online
Created by Participants of The New Age Conflict Transfrmation training
Time Required Long-term project (6-8 months) With 1-2 hours weekly session
Space and Group Requirements

Web page with possibilities for group chat.


1. Transfer of Living Library method online
2. Raising awareness about the existence and the need
3. to combat prejudices, stigma, and stereotypes and conflicts that they create
4. Clarifying existing misconceptions about others
5. Developing online communication skills
6. Cultivating empathy and respect.
7. Self-awareness and self-exploration
8. Cultivating the attitude of reacting against human rights violation

Fields 14
Method Description

• Create a FB page for promotion and closed group for sharing “stories”.
• Shared stories are presented in a short trailer (name, top-ic, summary of his/hers story) on a page.
• People who are interested can request to join the group by answering few questions.
• Time for sharing stories is arranged with human books and announced a week before happening (FB page).

2.a Web page

• Participants and reader groups connect on chat (Living book, shares his/hers story, participants post additional questions).
• Additional questions can be used for future topics.


2.b Live session
• Participants and reader groups connect on live chat (Living book, shares his/hers story, participants post additional questions – live stream on FB) or group chat (participants ask questions directly – skype)

Materials and Training aids required

• Web chat apps: Whatsapp (best in security manner), also pos-sible Skype, Facebook or Messenger
• Web page or/and Facebook page
• Adobe connect (not free, but more secure, you are the owner of your shared data)

Additional Comments

Problem of this method is possible security and anonymity breach. We would try to control that by asking our participants to fill in a short questionnaire, revealing their true interest to listen the stories. The goal being prevention from accepting participants who just want to mock the stories.
There are relevant Guides made for the purpose of Living Library implementation. We recommend that you should incorporate suggestions presented in it for the purpose of organizing online Living Library.

*Method is based on a responses to conflict.