How do you feel?


How do you feel?
Created by Participants of The New Age Conflict Transfrmation training
Time Required From 1 week up to 3 months
Space and Group Requirements

Online space


1. To dig the deep root cause of the conflicts in order to prevent their possible occurrence.
2. To create an accessible space where young people can express and re-flect on their feelings.
3.To provide the opportunity for strengthening young people’s consciousness to abling them to better address conflicts.

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Method Description

Making an online-campaign.
The campaign itself will be promoted by the hashtag (#howdoufeel) on all the social media. The main idea is to post pictures/videos/short or long text
stories (method online story-telling) that tell how the person feels and explain
its possible roots and effects/affects. By actually posting these photos on
daily basis it will result with a bigger picture of how we, people, face with
the emotions on everyday plan.
The campaign can be started from some online influencers that will use the
hashtag in their posts. It will also encourage the youngsters to continue
the campaign by posting for themselves. They do not necessarily have to put
pictures of themselves. They can post picture that will show what made
them feel the emotion they wanna express.
Furthermore, it will “equip” young people with a higher level of empathy,
compassion, morals and better ethics.
If the campaign goes viral it will open taboo, afraid-to-talk situations,
and help people to express themselves and their feelings.
Also, the campaign can have an official web-page/Facebook fan page where
there’ll be shared some facts/informations/stats about emotions and
feelings, everyday frozen situations that may possibly lead to a conflict or
“negative feeling” so people can easily open up to speak up with the moto “it is OK not to
be OK”)

Materials and Training aids required


Additional Comments

The campaign can also have an unwanted or least expected and favoured
results. For example, it can grow up into a huge cyber-bullying space
where the situation about the personal feelings together with the
accessible space will be destroyed. For this reason, all activities need to be set with extremely care.

*Method is based on a type ofconflict.