The Hat


The Hat
Created by Participants of The New Age Conflict Transfrmation training
Time Required 10 minutes+
Space and Group Requirements

Any room would do. Can be done individualy or in group


• To explore concepts of discrimination
• To understand empathy
• To understand the values/interests behind the conflict

Fields 14
Method Description

The Hat – How big is your house/head is a game based on 10+ controversial questions questioning discrimination, social incusion and human rights.
Every questions contains couple of answers. Every answer has a +/- to X-Y lines (they can represent Discrimination and Social Inclusion).
The point of the game and the questions asked is to find out how participant sees the world – does he/she and would he/she discriminate. Thus the point of the game is to see how big is your head/house (in the end, when all X and Y are summed up, you draw a containter with a roof).
In the end, with predetermined values – there are explanation to every possible situation – small, normal and really big “World” house.
They explain discrimination, social inclusion, human rights and in the end questions the participant – this the world you would like to live in?

Materials and Training aids required

Piece of paper and a pen
Online – possible creation of online platform to add questions so they can be localized and used for specific time and space

Additional Comments

*Method is based on a type of conflict.