Conflict Resolution Online


Conflict Resolution Online
Created by Participants of The New Age Conflict Transfrmation training
Time Required Long-term project (3-6 months), Weekly competitions
Space and Group Requirements

Web page,
Organization or volunteers to lead the project


1. To build capacities for recognition of conflict in everyday life
2. To learn about the interventions and possible resolutions of con-flicts
3. To encourage young people to participate in voting and sharing positive content online
4. To encourage young people to participate in non formal seminars, trainings or online courses on topic of conflict transformation

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Method Description

• Before staring the project we promote it on social media (Video trailer with information of steps and final result of the project)

Weekly steps

• We post a video/photo of a conflict on Monday (it must be personal to participants so that they can relate to it. It should also be controversial for challenging the participants).
• Participants must comment their idea of best resolution of the conflict (in text, picture of video) and give a short explanation. They have time till Friday.
• On Friday night, we create a pool with all given an-swers/solutions, from which the participants vote (Friday and Saturday, half of Sunday) for the favorite one.
• The winner in announced on Sunday evening.
• His resolution is shared, together with his explanation and a link, to reach all the other given solutions and links to theoret-ical sites, explaining more the topic of conflict transformation.

Conclusion – final winner
• Out of all chosen wining resolutions, best 3 are rewarded in different possible ways:
1. Internship with NGO
2. Participation at a seminar/training
3. Online course

Materials and Training aids required

• Web page or Facebook page
• Research for quality sites with theory on conflict resolution and library of links, books, articles,…
• (1) Free position for internship in NGO, (2) possibility for par-ticipationat a seminar, (3) information about online course (possibly also money for it)

Additional Comments

*Method is based on a type of conflict.