Transform IT – Online


Transform IT – Online
Created by Participants of New Age Conflict Transfrmation training
Time Required 60 minutes
Space and Group Requirements

Workshop is made with the use of online tools, but classroom is still required for its implementation.


1. To become familiar with elements of conflict transformation
2. To recognize different roles people take over while in a conflict situation
3. To reflect on one’s behavior when facing conflicts in real life
4. To make a synthesis of theoretical knowledge and practical responses to a conflict situation

Fields 14
Method Description

• 1. Association game on “Mentimeter” (we ask participants to take their telephone or a computer and enter the general code we give them.)
• They write their own associations on the question “What is a conflict transformation?”.
• We tell them that the results will be shown (used) at the end of discussion.

2.a What would you do…?
• Participants watch a video (of a certain type) of conflict which shows different roles people take within it.
• They are permitted to say stop during the video to comment or reflect.
• At the end of the video we discuss the shown roles and actions shown in the video and participants feelings and thoughts about it.


2.b Conflict on “Instagram”
• Participants watch a video (of a certain type) of conflict which shows different roles people take which is posted on Insta-gram.
• They should post 3 comments on the video during the viewing where they share their experience with similar situations and roles in the video.
• If not before, at the end of the video they are encourage to get involved in the discussion of the seen content by few open questions.

3. Discussion
• Reflection on the seen content and relating it to previous as-sociations.

Materials and Training aids required

• Computer or mobile phone with internet connection
• Mentimeter web site: https://www.mentimeter.com/
• Video (chosen by the trainer, accesable for example on web site: https://www.youtube.com/)

Additional Comments

The benefit of our workshop is it’s applicability to different topics, using same methods, just adjusting the material content.
Social media campaigns
Statistics (percentage) of negative contents online
Complete online workshops
Online courses/lectures
Videos with graphic facilitation
Changing the pattern of dominance behaviour (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oKjW1OIjuw)
Story generator
Mobile apps for film making

*Method is based on a type ofconflict.