Making a statement


Making a statement
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Time Required 45-60 minutes
Space and Group Requirements

Big room with enough chairs and space for splitting the participants into smaller working groups.
Number of participants: 10-40


– Exercise of critical thinking and concise definition of terms
– Discussion about important underlying values behind words used every day
– Using of innovative approach and humor in work
– Using of group work in creative processes

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Method Description

The trainer can propose a list of words related to the topic, e.g. conflict, love, friendship, dialogue, religion, borders, etc. and split the group into couples or smaller groups where each group would have a task to make a definition or a statement which either defines or comprises that word. Definitions and statements should be short, witty and universally comprehensible. Participants can either vote for the best statements that will be posted on web site or social media.

Materials and Training aids required

Flip-chart papers, marker pens, pens, A4 papers

Additional Comments

Voting can be done using colored sticky dots. Each participant gets 3-5 dots that s/he can allocate and distribute to the statements s/he likes the most and 5 statements with most dots will be posted online.