Browse and pause!


Browse and pause!
Created by Participants of The New Age Conflict Transfrmation training
Time Required 90 minutes
Space and Group Requirements

Big room
Number of participants: 4-40


– Developing and enhancing critical thinking with participants
– Opening a discussion about culture and intercultural dialogue
– Introducing interactive and innovative methods for research and analytics
– Working with raw data and facts

Method Description

Participant are split into smaller groups of up to 4 people with the task to explore the web and find the most interesting, inspirational and motivating videos that promote tolerance, intercultural dialogue and understanding. Each group has a task to find three videos. After and hour, or browsing the net for the videos, whole group gets together for presentation. Everyone presents their findings and explains why they’ve chosen certain videos and how do they understand them, and how they can be used.

Materials and Training aids required

Smartphones, laptops, video beam

Additional Comments

*Method is based on a responses to conflict.