War, terrorism & Internet

War, terrorism & Internet

The accelerated development of information and communications technologies which we are witnessing each year has made a huge impact on our understanding of conflicts and ways to deal with them. On one hand, virtual space, especially social media, is being increasingly used in order to spark and escalate conflicts. Intentionally or unintentionally, misusing online tools for those purposes can inflict harm on people. Internet and modern technology have the power to affect communities worldwide. It can positively or negatively impact the relations between communities and individuals. Internet is used to fight terrorism and promote peace worldwide and it has the necessary outreach to influence people worldwide. It can serve when de-escalating the conflicts between communities by reaching huge number of people. Ideally, it would only serve as promoting peace through educating people and making them aware. Unfortunately, it is used in other ways that are harmful for humans and therefore in violation of their rights.

Our goals are:

  • To promote using social media as a tool for conflict transformation and reconciliation
  • To develop new methods for conflict transformation online
  • To raise awareness of the threats and opportunities that online communities pose for the peaceful societies.

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Most people now, especially young people, get their news from social media. So people aren’t going directly to the news sources; they’re getting served answers. This is what makes it such a powerful tool of propaganda and exploitation. In wartime, it again reinforces your worldview. And when this happens, when you’re on this social media platform and all your friends are sharing largely similar stuff, a compromise with people of opposing views becomes harder. The ability to even understand an opposing view becomes harder. Though, we have to stress that social media can have some really positive effects on spreading positive messages and should and could be utilized that way as well.

Information and knowledge affect the communities concerning their relations. In the virtual reality there is a lot of content and the information travel fast. This represents a difficult challenge as it cannot be regulated so well. Terrorists gained a powerful tool which makes it easier for them to complete their goals. Since the development of the internet new methods for war, radicalization and terrorism have been created. Through the social networks recruitment of new members have been conducted for various radical groups, there is an easier access to weapons through the dark web channels, violence and war have been promoted by sharing bad propaganda, to share radical ideas and an effective way to pressure communities.


Methods of HRE for the virtual life of young people will be added further as a contribution of those who work on fighting for human rights in the virtual world and believe that human rights online need to be equally respected as human rights in the real world.

If you want to provide your experience and expertise in the fields of human rights and non-formal education and help us develop joint HUB of HRE for the virtual world, go to our CONTRIBUTE section.

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