If we don't react on violence we are quietly supporting violent behavior and excepting the fact that tomorrow we can potentially become its victims.  
Important part of VFR is education trough which young people can find out about how to fight against the hate speech on Internet and how to promote tolerance, human rights and diversity.



Virtual Feels Real

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Internet have become a part of everyday life and many people use the content available on it, especially social networks (Facebook, Tweeter, Youtube etc) Content from Internet is widely accessible in schools, universities, libraries, youth clubs, coffee clubs, different locations with free wi fi and especially through cell phones. Among the users the biggest part belong to young people who are usually not aware that their activities in virtual world have consequences on their real life and we are all, unfortunately, witnesses of hate speech and other discriminatory behavior online where social networks are highlighted.





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Project "Virtual Feels Real" is realized by NGO Libero, financed by Ministry of Youth and Sports of Serbia.